What information do I need to give?
All you in is a current bill and we do the rest.

Who reads the meter when I change suppliers?
You can do this yourself, or your current supplier is able to arrange someone to do it for you.

Do you have a pre-payment meter? Can you change this?
Yes, you can with us. Once you have filled out a simple form we can do the rest for you.

Switching energy suppliers? What do you do?
We will get you to sign a 'Letter of Authority' (LOA), allowing us to make the switch on your behalf and complete any additional paperwork that is necessary. A no fuss option for you.

I don’t know when my contract ends
We can find this out by getting in touch with your supplier; all we need is your meter number or just send us a bill and we will take care of the rest.

Does customer service matter?
Here at Electrosaver we pride ourselves on customer service. We cater to the individual needs of all of our clients, little or large, and are always happy to receive feedback from our clients. We can also arrange for a member of the sales team to meet with you in person if needed.